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I can't spare much, but at least here is coffee money
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Any Help is Appreciated, even a lowly American dollar once a month... or 62 Ruples, or .8 Euros or .7 Pounds or 1.25 Loonies or 18.02 Mexican Pesos or 52 Philippine Pesos or..........

Folks who donate at this tier get showered with love and a mentioned on my project or at the end of a video or article. 
I am gonna help you, but money is tight and I just can't spare five bones right now.
per month
Any Help is Appreciated

Folks who donate at this tier get showered with love and a mentioned on my project or at the end of a video or article. 

AND! not sure yet but it will be killer....
like a requested drawing or a little LED thing that flashes not sure yet but you will be forever ensconced in my heart for your help. 

4 Shot Mocha Breve
per month
Any Help is Appreciated
By donating at this level you are freeing up five dollars from the ridiculously overpriced coffee drinks kitty and helping to place it in the Wow! I have money to be used as projects kitty.
It may not seem like much, but five bones buys a baggy of LEDs for electronic art projects, or three blister packs of watch batteries for LED throwies, or a bag of nails from hardware sales.  
 Currently this tier reward is kind of in limbo as I am not sure what I should send people or if I should offer. I would like to get That Tie Dye Guy stickers. If you have any suggestions I will consider them. 




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If you know me; please bear with me for a few and we will get through the first part of this as painlessly as possible. 
To those of you who don't know me; I am one of those people born with a long list of natural talents and skills and the curiosity to continue learning throughout my life. According to the script, this should spell a chance to help make the world a better place. The snag is that in the current economy, to make enough money in traditional employment, I have no time to create. I have finally decided that this is unacceptable and that I want to share my ideas with the world.
I have the drive and the talent, I just lack the money. 
:D This is where you come in :D
If you are a fan of my art; would like to help support my inventions and gadgeteering; want access to premium content; or what not you can pledge as little a 5 dollars a month to help. As I figure the Patreon platform out I will set up rewards like free research, art, paranormal advice, stickers, shirts, and other merch that I put up in my store, which currently in need of some serious work. 
To start with I am going to start some pretty simple goals, if you can help I thank you a hundred times over for the help up. Once I get rolling I promise to do the same for others. And the great thing about patreon is that you can choose to remain anonymous, if you are the angel in the shadows type. Please don't feel bad if you can't pledge more than a few dollars a month into the kitty, every bit counts. it doesn't seem like it in the beginning, but it does, and I thank anyone who took the time to send a bit of love and support 
$0 of $180 per month
For the purchase of a 2 channel USB Audio Interface.
This is the first step to getting better content set up, it will allow me to use a much better microphone and boom that I have for producing better voice overs and studio style recordings. This coupled with my current 720p Web Cam will allow me to record better video content as well.   
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