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About That's Games

That's Games

Every week, we subject each other to just the absolute best that Steam has to offer, then see what we can do to fix them!

Garbage floods Steam every day, so we’re here to sift through that mess to see if we can find some games worth redeeming… But more often than not, we just make an even worse game.

P.S. Не пугайтесь, на этот раз версия с геями связана никак не будет.


My name’s Kenzie, I’m 22, 5’ 3”, bisexual, love long walks in the forest— Oh is that not what this is? Well. I’m an art major currently, unless it is now after May 2019 and I forgot to update this, in which case I’m probably unemployed. I’m kidding. That’s a hurtful stereotype.

I have a Twitter @iilyushka (or @kenzieddie for my art) and an Instagram @kenzieddie.

I’m on level 2414 of Gardenscapes for iOS.


Henlo frens, I’m Evan. I’m 23, fresh out of college, and using my new, very expensive engineering degree to make a podcast about bad video games. This is what I get for moving out to the middle of the desert - there’s no engineering to be done out here or really any civilization; I live in a cactus and coyotes bring me new games every week.

Social media is dumb, pls don’t follow me on anything.