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Well by giving this amount you can keep doing that and no longer feel guilty about it, though I still hope you don't use it ^_^ 
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Hey, you crazy bunch of bananas and welcome to my Patreon page! If you're here, then you likely already know who I am and what I do online. But for those of you who don't, then let me introduce myself…


I'm The8BitMonkey, a gaming and tech review YouTuber. The main game of choice on my channel is “Minecraft,” a blocky game of backwards logic and infinite possibilities, but I do also venture into other games as well (“Golf with Friends,” “Garry’s Mod” and retro classics). Along with that, I also look at some of the latest gaming tech on the market and give my own opinion about it so you can get a better idea of whether it's the right thing for you, before you go and spend all your saving on it to find that it's not quite what you thought it was. This has only been possible through sponsorships with brands and through the support of my amazing bananas (subscribers/fans) over the years.


I love talking with the amazing bananas that make up our growing community, if you would like to be a an even bigger part of that you can find me at the following places:


Basically, I'm just one monkey and as much as I love making (hopefully) entertaining content for you, it does take a long time to produce and sadly costs more to make then it brings in. Patreon will hopefully help in some way with that, not only allowing me to create a sense of financial stability, but also let me create bigger and better content in the future.
The funds from this page will go towards:
  • Paying the electric and internet bills to ensure I can keep putting out videos and livestreams.
  • Help upgrade my computer so that I don't have as many issues as I currently do with it.
  • Improve my recording space (currently a storage cupboard) with lighting and maybe air-con.
But mostly it will go towards allowing me to make YouTube a full-time career.


In case you're not aware, my videos on YouTube are monetized and I do earn a VERY small amount from ad revenue (around £30 a month), as well as that around 80% of product reviews that I do on the channel are done with the agreement that after the review has been uploaded I am able to keep the product which I can then sell. This amount can range from product to product, but hardly ever covers the cost of making the video in the first place. Nevertheless, I still do them as I want to inform the viewers and I just REALLY love playing with tech

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Reaching this goal will mean that Patreon is working and I can afford to keep my caffeine addicted life'll also guarentee at the very least one livestream a week! (hopefully more)
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