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After more than a decade of what can only be called a physical and spiritual initiation, this project is a surrender and an inquiry within Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Through conversing and interviewing different individuals who use patterns to connect to a divine order, the intention is to elevate certain capabilities and sensitivities through Gardner’s criteria to the level of intelligence.

Emily Lauderback Stewart interviews experts in their field to expand Gardner’s definition of The 8th Intelligence, highlighting different applications and experiences of it in real people’s lives.

Episodes will be interviews with different people. The framework for the interviews will be Gardner’s Eight Criteria for Identifying an Intelligence. The intention for the podcast is transparent qualitative research. Can we definitively qualify the expanded definition of The 8th Intelligence from the content of the interviews?

Listen to the podcast highlighting different applications and experiences of it in real people’s lives.

The 8th Intelligence is the ability to perceive patterns that demonstrate a divine order in the material world. To be aware of the intersection of spirit and matter.

The natural world provides infinite opportunities to experience these patterns.

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