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About Ace Lewis

My name is Ace Lewis, I run a small stream on twitch currently running at 500 Followers.

I've always wanted to make review videos in a similar format to the personalities in the list below:

ProJared / JonTron / TheCompletionist / Egoraptor's Sequelitis / Caddicarus / ZeroPunctuation / ClementJ642 / TheSpoonyExperiment / AngryJoe / ChaseFace / ModernWarNegro (Now TheBlackHokage) / Rerez / SomeCallMeJohnny / Cr1tikal / Antdude / Various other comedic reviewers.

My goal is to create entertaining videos equal to each of their respective calibers and perhaps even one day join them in content creation! That's the dream.

Supporting me on patreon is a way of helping with cost of production! Please see below for information pertaining to my goals and rewards given in return of your generous pledge!
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Many popular personalities are very busy and require an incentive to edit their own schedules to appear in other shows. For example: "GradeAunderA" requests a $200 payment to assist in the creation of another personality's video. Another personality: "Lyle McDouchebag" requests $100 for a major role in a video.

This goal being reached will mean I can compensate guests to take time out of their lives to appear on my show.
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