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About Fevronia H. Watkins

Imagine Sherlock Holmes. Now, imagine a hapa (half Hawaiian) girl living in the town of Hilo, on the island of Hawaiʻi. Inspired by the news accounts of the renowned detective, she determines, with the help of her younger cousin, to become Hawaii's first consulting detective.

Hawaiian historian, educator, and artist, Leilehua Yuen, is tackling her first work of fiction by reimagining the adventures of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. Continuing with Doyle's literary device, she casts Fevronia H, Watkins in the role of Dr. Watson, and Miss Lydia Holmes as the great detective.

Though the story is set contemporaneously with the original, Leilehua hopes that the re-imagining will appeal to girls and young women of today, and inspire them to learn a bit of the history and heritage of the Hawaiian Islands as they follow the adventures of the young Miss Holmes.

The story is written with 4th grade and older readers in mind. Mature younger readers may enjoy it, as well. Topics will include politics, multi-ethnic societal issues, changing roles of women and men, and the environment. Parents should read the stories first. 

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The lovely watercolor is by Edward Bailey, his 1875 A View of Hilo. This is the Hilo Fevronia and Lydia would have known.
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