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About The Air Force Guy

One of the many things that inspire me are the adventures my customers have. I’ve met a great number of adventurous people who love to have fun with their recreational vehicles. I believe there are treasures out there on the highways and byways of this nation. I want to see everyone experience those adventures in an RV.

I would be honored if you would consider a contribution to my new Patreon campaign. With your generous support, we can make ongoing contributions to RV culture and the outdoor spirit and build something special for our community.

I have some exciting and interesting rewards in mind for my contributors, and I’m looking forward to keeping you updated on all the projects I have planned for the future. I appreciate your support and hope you enjoy what "The Air Force Guy" has to offer.

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This is an Exciting Time and I am so Ready for it.....
For my First GOAL, I have set it at 100 Patreons...
Once We reach this GOAL, I will be doing a Special Video to Include one of you, where we will talk about whatever topic you would like Dealing with Camping!
This will be the First in many videos that I will do with You from the Community!
This is going to be a Learning as I go in dealing with the setup and implementation of putting this together, but we shall prevail....

Thank you for your Support!

Paul Chamberlain, Jr.
"The Air Force Guy"
RV Extraordinaire
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