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You have officially joined The Alias Alliance, congratulations and welcome, my Ally.  (And my condolences for your soul and all the fan fiction it's endured.)

All my Patrons get to vote on what story gets updated next.  Wow, lucky yous; you get to dictate what I'm working on.  You are the ones now controlling my life—even my mom doesn't have a say on that.

You also get early access to all chapters and one-shots I put out on Quotev.

To sum up, you get to vote on my next update, and receive early access on all my work.

Alias Aligned
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Look at you, advancing your rank. You have made your assent in The Alias Alliance, and have become Alias Aligned.

Aligned Allies receive not just the regular voting and the early access, but a few added bonuses as well.  You will receive priority when it comes to requests on my 7 Minutes in Heaven [OHSHC & Black Butler] story.

You also receive priority for general suggestions.

(Now when I say priority on requests, that doesn't mean that I'm dropping absolutely everything to write that 7/Heaven character. I'll most likely still be working on whichever story won the vote. That character will just be moved to the top of the list when I do work on it again. You know, if it wins the vote or I just feel like writing a 7 minutes in heaven.)

Now this is the reward I like to call the "I'm an idiot" reward.  Since I can't get to everyone's request in a month, you also get a little something extra.  How does that relate to The Alias being an idiot?  Sometimes I write stupid stuff in my first drafts before I catch it.  Sometimes there's also scenes that get cut from chapters.  Sometimes I just can't figure out what on earth English is or how to even English.  Now you can laugh at me when I can't see you with all my first (unedited) drafts.

To sum up, you get to vote on my next update, receive early access on all my work, receive priority requests and suggestions, and get access to past unedited works and first drafts—behind the scenes kind of stuff.

Alias Approved
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Approved Allies receive reviews.  I will read a story of yours—your choosing—and write an honest review on it.  I will publish this review on my Quotev page as a means to help get word out of this story, unless specifically asked not to.  I could possibly share the review here on Patreon as well.  Of course, I won't if you ask me not to.

In these reviews, I will state what I liked and didn't like if there is anything that sticks out to me blaringly.  Pros and cons of why others should read this, basically.  I will state whether or not I liked the story, and whether or not I would recommend it.  (If I liked it, I'll obviously recommend it, but just because if I didn't like it, I might still recommend it. It might be a really good story, just not my genre or something.)

A slight warning, these will be HONEST reviews.  Criticism makes us better writers.  If you can't handle it at all, don't take it out on me; I don't need that kind of negativity in my life.  It does work both ways, however.  An honest review is honest.  If I can't stop gushing about your story, I'm not going to go looking for faults that I didn't see there the first time.  If I like a story, I like it.

Whether or not I release the review, I will be sending it to you privately.

I'm not putting a word cap on this, much against my better judgement.  I just ask that you use your better judgement.  If the story you want me to read is 600 pages long, just keep in mind that I'm a slow reader.  I'll still do it, but it might take me the whole month to finish reading the story—let alone the review.

        "Wait a second, Alias-chan. Why is this tier such a random number?"

        Honestly, I couldn't choose between 10 and 15 dollars.  I wanted to go with the cheaper option for you guys, but at the same time, these reviews are going to take me a while.  So be glad I didn't choose the full 15.

        "Wait a second, Alias-chan, why 13?"

         Isn't it obvious? >:D

To sum up, you get to vote on my next update, receive early access on all my work, receive priority requests and suggestions, get access to publish works' unedited and first drafts, and receive a personal Alias review.




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About Just an Alias

Hey, everyone! It's The Alias here! Some of you may have nicknamed me Alias-chan. But you probably know me from Quotev as Just an Alias—even if you accidentally called me "Atlas." I'm the writer with the funny characters: ʝūšт คñ Åłíαś for a display name. (I say "probably" because you could be discovering me on Wattpad.)

My fans on Quotev are some of the best I've ever had, but I hadn't been able to be on Quotev for a while because it is time-consuming to write that much for you guys and receive absolutely nothing for it. I don't actually have a job, guys. Surprise, surprise, and now you're finding me on Patreon! Imagine that!

And now it's time to have a reason to give you guys the content that you just can't get enough of.

As I said, I am a writer from the website Quotev. For those who don't know, Quotev is where people share stories and quizzes that they've made.
Me? I write mostly fanfiction on there. Okay... I think it's all fan fiction...
It's mostly OHSHC stuff, that's Ouran High School Host Club, but there's other fandom work as well. There's a little Black Butler (aka Kuroshitsuji). But there is also some Avatar: The Last Airbender series. And there's even an upcoming Attack on Titan story coming.
There are Reader-Inserts and love interest stories there. Some are both. Some are neither.

Whatever's your jam, I've probably got it there. Unless your jam is strawberry—I'm all out; you'll have to go to the store for that.

An important thing about my fan fictions is that I write almost all of them without assumed knowledge—not a lot of fan fic writers do that. What that means is that you can read my stories without knowing anything about the show. You don't need to previously know what's going on or who the characters are, but you feel entirely ahead of the game if you do.

If you want to test out my Quotev page, I suggest one of my favourite stories, Deaf, Hard of Hearing, but NEVER Hearing Impaired. If you didn't already know the show Ouran, you would never guess you were reading a fan fiction.

Find any or all of my stories at quotev.com/AliasChan

Now for the things you really want to know...

Why do they call me The Alias? In order for me to keep my identity safe on Quotev, no matter what name I could've have gone with, it would always be nothing more than just an alias.

Welcome to The Alias Alliance.

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