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About TheAnimatedDrawings

        Hello, I'm Jonathan, and I like working on animations. animations I've been making are on my channel, TheAnimatedDrawings (TAD for short). TAD is my first channel where I experiment with flash animations and try my hand at making little animation skits, horror stories, and a few things I do out of sheer boredom. Animations called TAD Bits are the animation skit aspect where I animate skits I made that are short and sweet. I also tried my hand at animating something darker with my animated horror stories, made using audio from horror story narration channels like "Mr. Nightmare". Another thing that I'm debating that I'll host on either TAD or it's own separate channel is a project that's called The YouTube Community.
        The YouTube Community (TYC for short) is a series that's taking a bit of a bigger step than the other projects that I've worked on. TYC is going to be an ongoing series that centers around what goes on behind the curtains of YouTube's Headquarters. If I could describe the idea using comparisons I would say it's sort of like the show The Office but instead of it centering around a paper company, it centers around the company of YouTube. The YouTube HQ would have main characters that vary in personality and effect that company's work. In real life YouTube makes decisions that are very questionable like implementing a terrible copyright system, demonetizing videos on it's platform that seem completely normal, seemingly supporting certain creators that make bad decisions but so happen to make a lot of subscribers, thus, a lot of money for the company, and the list goes on. The series would show the characters behind the company reacting to the backlash and show their reasoning behind those bad decisions in a fun, entertaining way. I also have more ideas to this story like having other companies get in the way of YouTube like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and so on, and ideas for actual YouTubers to have parts in the show. This story is still in the works and I still need voice actors, composers, background artists, and so on since this all so far is just a one person project.
        Patreon would be a big help in paying for production of TYC since so far I'm still a pretty small creator, I need to meet a certain quota a month to get payed through adsense, and I need 4,000 hours of viewer watch-time a year. I would absolutely love to show everyone my shows and creations but for that to be possible, I need more time and money. I don't want to sound greedy but money is very big factor in any project, and if there isn't enough, the project would completely collapse. So in order to make my ideas happen I am asking everyone who is interested to donate to this Patreon and help me make this show, and other upcoming shows a reality.
$19 of $1,000 per month
This is pretty unreasonable, but if it happens it means I will most likely not get a job working at Round Table for the rest of high school, which means I would have more time to animate and produce stuff quicker.
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