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About Arcade Hunters

Welcome to The Arcade Hunters Patreon page! For almost ten years now we have been covering video arcades all across the east coast as well as covering news relating arcade games and pinball machines.  We have daily updates all over social media with photos of some of our favorite games and other gaming pictures. We have been producing a podcast that we try to release at least once every two weeks and of course our weekly gaming videos! Every week we hope to showcase a pinball machine, arcade game or some of our arcade tours! We want to show that arcades still do exist and you should go and check them out. 

We are using Patreon as a "Tip Jar". We are not holding out videos and podcasts behind a pay wall. We will continue to offer all of our videos and podcast free of charge. All of the money we raise through Patreon and adds goes into fueling our show. Since we've started we've gotten new equipment like cameras, microphones for our podcasts, etc. The money also helps for travel to the different places we visit. Everything we raise goes right back into what we do.