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Eneshal Miller (Cookie) a Beauty industrial professional focus education the best in my field (applause). Specialty natural hair styling beautiful locks, dreadlocks and natural hair, and skin product developer. Currently residing in Maryland from Washington DC. My family and community past and present means the world to me. BLGC BEAUTY to learn more about the services I provide to patrons in the DMV at for over twenty years. I started doing hair at a very young age as a means to fit in I loved to paint and make something okay into something to want over and over again, and to nourish my God given talent that I believe helped to mold and shape me. I love styling hair and giving advice to just about anyone people always compliment me on my skin, and hair I did it myself,
I created a leave in conditioner, body butter, and facial spray that is surprisingly good and well received. Lets get back to how and why I discovered my passion for life, community and making things works even when it seems totally out of reach. Our youth are so important like my parents allowed me to dream. My parents both gave me guidance, devoted to being present in each moment. Mom a beautiful women she passed away from pancreatic cancer stage four. Betty fought for many years and left me a beautiful letter I have not been to her grave site I don't know if I can face that world. Its a challenge for because on May 23 of 2015 would be the day my mom and so many others who have lost love ones fighting cancer took her last breath, and I miss her and she always told me not only are you beautiful your talented put your mind and heart in whatever you do, don't look back baby girl.

My son misses her and all eight-teen of her grandchildren and seven children.
Very soft spoken but lively and a great poet, funny and full of love taught me so much and gave me the world. Mommy, thank you.
Betty L.Williams August 4,1949 -May 23, 2015

With that kind of support I built a mind set that if my mother can raise seven children  and take on just about every set back and disappointment and still overcome.
I can respect my journey good or bad. I want to give that same energy to my friends, family and community near and far, oh yes I plan to travel from city-states. I plan to engage youth all over the United States and hopefully. 

" Knowledge not shared has no merit" -Betty Lou Williams

The Beauty StartUp 
I'm here today to create opportunities for youth.

You can visit
The Beauty StartUp engages youth of all ages in developing affordable product lines, and creating intergenerational wealth. The children discover the importance of creating with the use of their hands, and learning how a positive distraction can help shape and mold them where as today our youth are looking to escape. Our first live session titled "Pleasure Principles & Realities' Believe In Your Selfyi" Lead by Ms. Alisa Lovee of Field Stone Marketing set with the kids on May 23, 2018 to discuss her role as sales rep, distributor and the many opportunities in the beauty industry, manufacturing and sales representatives. The product sample provided from Field Stone Marketing was Bauldeaire Inc, Fine Soaps and Lotions. 

The kids are developing fashion accessories, arts, crafts,soaps, bath and body, grooming and hygiene for hair, skin,makeup, backpacks and stationary and apparel. Product launch date is April 1, 2019. Development and my direct line of work ranges from connecting youth to manufacturing, trading, private label, packaging, labs, testing, product planning, marketing, technical consultation, access to venues, retail stores, and boutiques.  The kids will showcase there lines at community functions , exhibitions and pop-up shops. The Beauty startUp meets twicw a week live sessions, general career preparation, and hands on training.

The Beauty StartUp is located in Silver Spring MD. Find out how you can help me here on

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