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About Binkdeadpool

Hello Internets! I'm Binkdeadpool! I play games and stream for it for your enjoyment! Thank you very much for supporting the BinkLive Twitch channel!

Contact me @: [email protected]
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Nothing special for donating a dollar, but thank you none the less.
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For those who think a dollar is too cheap and can't afford five dollars, here's a new tier for the thrifty supporter. This gives you the Vault-Tec role on our Fallout-themed Discord, Vault 37.

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BinkLive Supporter
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During BinkLive streams on Twitch, I'll shout out Patreon supporters of this tier. You get the special role on the discord. Also, you'll be made a Moderator on the BinkLive Twitch Channel as long as you have this teir. (Please be respectful and don't abuse the position.)

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Binkdeadpool Supporter
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Not only will you be shouted out in BinkLive Twitch streams, the Vault-Tec Support role on our discord, and made a Moderator for the Twitch channel. You'll also be made a Moderator on our Discord Vault 37. (Please be respectful and don't abuse the position.)

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Be My Boss [Joke?]
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Be my boss. Set up my streaming schedules and tell me what to record and edit. I'll even do my own thumbnails. 

(This is a joke. But, if you do the "Be My Boss" teir, I will use the donated funds to expand and improve the Binkdeadpool Network.)

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With your support, we can not only go back to recording video game content for the Youtube channel that we once did, but also allow for the Twitch channel to produce new and more content more often!
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