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About TheBlue

So hello to everyone here.

We are Robert and Vahan. We are two design students in Armenia. We have always been interested in comic books and animation.

We would like to present you the comic; “Color Infantry”
The comic is about a pair of ancient warriors that are traveling through mountains, forests and deserts to find where they are and where they are going. Their ambition is to find adventure and become legendary warriors in the time of the great Armenian empire of Tigran the Great. The events contain scenes and heroes from the Ancient Armenian lore and epos.

The main reason why we have started this project is to spread awareness about the Armenian lore and history and make a relevant comic using an unused and very broad source of stories and epic adventures. It has been very challenging creating this comic, as we got minimum spec laptops and borrow graphic design pens from our friends. We would love to get better equipment to truly put our skills to this project and create an amazing and interesting comic, which in case of success will contain animation and motion graphics in it.

Becoming our Patron will give you an opportunity to have some of your ideas seen in the future pages, get access to exclusive pages and content and in the future development get yourself animated in the future sketches.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for supporting us in creating this work.

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By creating the "Color Infantry" comic we have set several goals for us in thins project.
The short term goal is acquiring new, more professional equipment for this project to deliver higher quality and more detailed work.
In the long term, we will explore the Armenian lore and visit sights where we shall collect more data to use in the comic. Creating many pages in the comic and developing a vast storyline and delivering this to you.
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