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Serfs of Yore
per month
  • Sub add backs
  • 1000 Rep monthly   
  • PC Character Sheets
  • MP3s of all recent games
  • Monthly Hangout Movie Night

You've just decided to take a leap and support the Dream. You can expect add backs on gaming services like Steam and along with access to the Private Sub Snapchat (Expect many pictures of Cats, Beards, Burgers, and Bathrooms) and Exclusive Discord access and right. You also get added to the Supporter list seen live on stream.

Includes Discord benefits
Lords of the Manor
per month
  • Previous reward tiers
  • 2000 Rep monthly
  • Bonus Production materials

      +Character Generation Vods

      +Character Diaries 

      +Character Back Stories

      +Post show babble 

  • Wild Magic burst once monthly in any game
  • Add a One time Custom effect to the Critical Fail Chart permanently

Holy presents Batman! Your support does not go unnoticed. Rewards offered at this level are only offered here. These can not and will not be offered to the stream or Twitch subs. Wild magic burst must be declared before the stream. Send all Critical Fail submissions directly to me.

Includes Discord benefits
Knights of the Kingdom
per month
  • Previous reward tiers
  • 5,000 Rep monthly   
  • Custom NPC for an existing campaign ran on stream
  • Invites to gaming and tabletop! 
  • Creative Crew Access
  • Access to assets and previously developed games
  • Tee-Shirt on Me! (6 months required)

So long as you remain in this reward tier, you and I will sit down and work on a character to bring to life. You will gain invites to Private Gaming relating to Tabletop and PC gaming, gaining priority to all game sessions, and you will have access to Creative Crew. CC is a place where I can focus my efforts for stream creation and you can sit alongside and work with me to make a dream a Reality. 

Includes Discord benefits




per month


Look, I want to be honest with you. The kind of honesty where I just lay all the cards down in front of you and tell it like it is.

I love gaming.

Not just traditional gaming (which I still love) but all gaming. Board games, pub games, video games, drinking games, tabletop games. You name it, its in my wheelhouse; and, I want nothing more than to share this with you. All of it. It's why I'm here.

I want to do this full time, and not on a basic level. I want to include you. As if you are in my house, playing right there with me, enjoying all of this at the same level I am. It has challenges.

This is why I've come to Patreon. I am asking for your help.

I have so much content just sitting in the reserves waiting to come to life. I lack many things needed to make it real. New content requires more time and testing. Bigger projects calls for better equipment.

For those of you that do support at any level here, you have my utmost gratitude. I truly can not do this without you. I've highlighted all of the things that are immediately relevant and available to you, off to the right. I still have many more plans to introduce additional rewards but most of those come with time and support. I wish I could bring it all over to you now, but unfortunately it all takes money.

At this point if you are still reading you already considered offering your support, and for that I thank you. You are a hero in my heart. If you can only watch, then please don't fret; watching and sharing is enough.
Some of you may be looking at this thinking that it sucks that you can not get the material hidden behind Patreon support levels. Most of my original content is already readily available and at your fingertips through Vods on Twitch or Youtube. Even if you can not swing it, your support does not go unnoticed. I see you lurking and I appreciate the heck out of you.

It is important to note that rewards will be distributed after Patreon has attempted to collect your patronage. I typically provide around 2-2.5 weeks for amounts to be collected, before I start passing out rewards. If you need to step away from any level of support, you should know that my feelings aren't hurt. I understand the necessity of taking care of yourself. I provide a luxury that not all can immediately accommodate.

$1,900 of $2,000 per month
Meeting this goal means I can start adding the 12 hour stream marathons to the schedule. 5/5 . Meaning that one week a month you will be getting 60 hours of dedicated Bub Live time for your Entertainment!
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