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About Alberto

Hi! My pen name is Alberto Trevin and I'm a historical fiction story-writer. I have an awesome story to share with you! It's a three part saga and its name is The Furnaces of the Apocalypse.  Writing has been my passion since I was young, I have written many short stories out of the need to just let my imagination flow. I have decided to share this with all of you, with the humble hope that you can sponsor me here through Patreon so that I can publish it in book format someday soon. I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing them!

The Furnaces of the  Apocalypse deals with a major conspiracy which sets off the worst terrorist attack in United States history. As the American economy spirals out of control, extremists and enemy states abroad have taken notice and join forces to bring down its sworn enemy while it is vulnerable.
As the economy worsens, American leaders begin to panic and start looking for extreme measures to remedy the situation at home. With financial problems of their own and dissidence, two of America's greatest enemies collude to land a decisive blow that will eliminate the American problem once and for all. With the discovery of the planned major terrorist attack, two high-ranking officials from Central Intelligence and National Intelligence try to persuade an unpopular President to play along with the plot and thus exploit a potential situation which might help sway popular opinion in favor of the President and put America back to work. When their idea enrages the President, they go after the next best alternative, military icons. Both play along, but not before the controlled attack goes very wrong and all are left scrambling looking for answers, except one of them who has plans of his and in effect secure his own personal interests. The attack persuades the American President to go after the perpetrators for an inevitable showdown with a powerful Middle Eastern country which will undoubtedly have apocalyptic consequences.

There was no way around it, he thought. The damage which he and his fellow executives, or cohorts, as others would know them by, had allowed this to happen and it would affect very many. Their loyal investors and many Americans would never forgive the company that he ran ever again, but that was the least of his concerns. The damage already made was beyond irreparable, the economic doomsday would halt the American economy and it was just a matter of time.  He knew it the minute he received his copy of the Company’s economic outlook months earlier and for some time before that. His company would spiral down a bottomless barrel.  The fall would be hard, but the landing would be catastrophic. Chief Executive Officer, Raymond Johnson knew what this meant not only to his company, but to the lending banks, the American economy and perhaps more importantly, the global economy once the last domino fell.

Much was riding on their bonds, from investments made by the government of China to the retirement funds of millions of people across America. It was a horrifying thought because he knew that those investments would eventually go down to zero and beyond, there would be no other alternative but to file for bankruptcy. Once they reached that point, it would mark the end of the company he so proudly helped build over the years, yet the company would not be the only one to fall, many others would, persons and companies alike. It would not matter how financially sound the company was, once investors in and around Wall Street- as well as other stock exchanges around the world-, got a sense of the freefall, most would panic and scramble to withdraw their investments. He had already received word of some banks which had started to smash some of their ATMs as a preventative measure to avoid unnecessary madness at banks. Initially there would be panic throughout Wall Street, and then the panic would spread throughout the nation and eventually the world. If America was once known as the Sleeping Giant, it would now be known as the Falling Giant. He had studied the company’s numbers and he looked at them over and over from every possible economic perspective there was, but there was no way around it, it was a time bomb and it would explode right on their faces. America was indeed a Falling Giant and its economy was hanging by a thread, a thread on a rolling spindle. Eventually the spindle would reach its end and the thread that looped around the spool would snap just like his neck would once a criminal court sent him and his cohorts to the gallows for knowingly contributing to the demise of the American economy without providing any advanced warning. This economic disaster would rewrite the books on Economics and its principles. He wished it was just a nightmare, but it was not, he knew that an economic apocalypse was looming. As CEO and President of the company, he knew well that he would be the first to go when it all went down. A nightmare of epic proportions, he thought, as he stared into a blurring computer screen which slowly came into focus to reveal the screen saver name FEDERAL MORTGAGE AND SECURITIES. Shortly thereafter, a loud gunshot echoed through the room as the computer screen was splattered with blood.
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