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You'll get access to backer-only content like outtakes, scripts, and other behind-the-scenes things! The amount of these that I make will naturally depend on how many patrons I have at this tier—the more $10 backers, the more effort I put into behind-the-scenes videos. You also get all the $1 and $5 perks!




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About GodSaveTheCam

Hey, pals! I'm Cameron, and I wax lyrical about various forms of media, with the occasional shilling of leftist politics. Oh, and I play video games.

...Perhaps I should provide a bit more detail. For the past few years, I've devoted much of my life to creating content for my YouTube channel, GodSaveTheCam; it's gone through several mostly terrible stages, beginning as a hobby Let's Play channel, then a narcissistic weekly vlog channel, then an inactive hub for short films I did for school. It was a bit of a mess.

Now I'm actually trying to make something real out of it! I make long-form video essays about media and politics, and oftentimes both in conjunction with each other. I try my diddly-darnedest to make these funny and/or artsy, as well as hopefully being somewhat insightful. An example of this can be found in my video about the novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Aside from YouTube, I also stream gaming content virtually daily over on my Twitch channel! Although I have a soft spot for retro Nintendo games most of all, no game is out of the question—anything goes. Overall, it's just a fun time where I hang out with pals and viewers and just discuss random garbage.

I'm also, uh, getting a college degree! Which costs truckloads of money and has caused me to take out an unpayable amount of loans! All that to say, I really can't justify dedicating job-level amounts of time to my internet presence if I can't meaningfully monetize it somehow. Just because I'm an anti-capitalist doesn't mean I don't have to live under capitalism same as everyone else. This page is here for the all-two-of-you that enjoy my videos and streams consistently enough to give me money for them. In return, I'll make more of them! That's the idea at least.

Regardless, I hope to keep making Moderately Decent things on the internet whether I can somehow turn it into a job or not. Whatever you do, thank you for reading and for your consideration!
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This will turn the videos from "just a hobby" to a pretty legitimate source of income (at least, until I graduate from college and have to Get A Life). At this goal, I will do my best to guarantee at least one video a month, and I'll put the money into buying my own equipment so I don't have to depend on borrowing things from my university!
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