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Hey, everybody!! It's me, The Camilapia from the youtube channel!! 

I've been having many difficulties since I started college and I find Patreon as an excellent tool to help me out of this. The thing is... as almost everyone in the world, I probably need to start earning some money.

Don't worry!! This doesn't mean that I will stop uploading videos in youtube! On the contrary, I'll keep on doing it from now on but I'll upload videos way before in my Patreon platform. 

This is only a little help for me to keep on doing what I love the most: editing and creating videos, but never mind if you can't do it.
If you can though, even with $1, it'll truly mean a lot to me!

Thank you so much for everything!! I love you, animated faith!
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When I reach $250, I'll finally be able to buy a graphic tablet so I'll be able to create better animatics and fanarts.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 211 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 211 exclusive posts
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