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Opening the door!
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By pledging $1 a month, you will be helping continue the journey of our professional team in making this a full time dream!
Discord Chat!
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With $2 a month, you will invited to our Discord chat where we all talk about Yugioh and Theory! Everyone once and a while we all will get in a call and talking YUGIOH!
$5 TCGz BiMonthly Giveaways!
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Becoming a patron for $5 a month, you will be entered into a BiMonthly giveaway of random TCGz Merchandise ranging from tshirts, hoodies, playmats or even your own custom TCGz JERSEY!
Professional Deck Doctors!
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By pledging $10, you are able to submit your decks to get reviewed by our world renowned team! If you have a deck that needs any critiques, TheCardGuyz are the team to help you up your success in the game! You can choose from any player on the roster to help you fine tune your deck for your next regional or YCS!
Special Coaching + Theory!
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With pledging $25 a month, you will be able to be apart of our Discord chat and have the entire sponsored roster helping each individual with their decks, theory, choices, thinking, and any other areas they want help in! 



About TheCardGuyz

TheCardGuyz are a renowned Trading Card Game team who are comprised of several championship caliber players! Since February 2014, Kyle, aka Spoofy, had the dream of running his own team to support players. However, as time passed by, other card stores decided to get into sponsoring players. Its better than ever to start supporting the team that started it all! Becoming a Patron and support the team could be monumental in the growth of the brand, and beneficial to all of the loyal fans and subscribers we have had for going on 3 years now! Become a Patron now to reap all of the benefits in the long run!
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With $500 a month from the Patrons, It would be a HUGE help being able to keep the brand up and running! Flight & hotel expenses, clothing, equipment, etc are the main costs of keeping the team afloat! Be a Patron today to see the best brand in Yugioh grow exponentially!
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