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Cardy Show Basics
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The Cardy Show Basics:

Off the top- The Segment where Brent Cardy discusses what he wants whenever he wants. 

The Cardy Show Conversation- Exclusive interviews with people in Sports and beyond.

High and Inside- A look around Major League Baseball with Brent Cardy and Brett Gard

To the point- David Glassford joins Brent Cardy in discussions about politics and sports.




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About The Cardy Show

The Cardy Show was a Podcast that was created in the summer of 2014. I created the program because I wanted to give my sports knowledge and passion for sports to the world. Over the past four years I have interviewed hundreds of fantastic human beings that have been so generous and awesome with their time. Their stories about why the do what they do and their passion for whatever we talk about inspires me to keep The Cardy Show and going and make it better every week. I hope you can continue to listen and enjoy the program as much as I enjoy creating it,
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