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  • This is where I'll talk about stuff that's going on pertaining to the channel. Updates on what I'm working on currently and what I have planned down the road! 
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Access to behind-the-scenes stuff:

  • Along with the weekly blog, you'll get even more insight on what I'm working on in a more detailed blog post. Paid out bi-weekly on Friday.

  • Occasional video previews, and insight on the entire production of a video, from conception to completion.  This also includes getting any original art assets from the video worth sharing (original .jpgs and .psd files)! This also includes the $1 reward. 
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Going this far gets your name in the credits of each video. You'll also get to see new videos shortly before anyone else does. My videos have a certain scheduled upload time so I'm not holding anything back from non-patrons, but if you'd like to see it before its upload time, this is for you! This includes the $1 and $ 5 rewards as well. 

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About TheCartoonGamer

Hey there, folks! Welcome to my own little Patreon page!

                                         So, why Patreon?

I mainly do videos where I share my opinions on various video games or certain aspects of them. My videos require a lot of work to get finished, especially the ones that reach and go beyond 10 minutes in length. From writing the script to getting the footage, balancing audio, editing music, and doing multiple takes during the voice recording, it's quite the task.

To get a bit more of an insight, this is the timeline from my Takeshi Shudo video, released in June 2016:

YouTube on its own definitely isn't viable as  algorithms seem to change at the drop of a hat. Regardless of whether I was making money or not I'd be making videos, but the additional support from you guys would allow me to devote more time to doing what I love. 

You can also get rewards for how much you pledge (if you so choose to in the first place), and can help shape future ones, too. The highest of pledges gets you sketches drawn by yours truly, and here's a couple examples:

Rewards are paid out either weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and after payment has been processed to avoid those pesky scammer-folk. All pledges are in Canadian currency (CDN) as well. 

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you like what you see from me in the future!
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With this amount I can start looking for new equipment for video production, such as video recording software or things pertaining to sound quality. 
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