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About Chris Chipman

Hello Interwebs!  Chris Chipman (TheChippa) here.  Welcome to my Patreon!

I am a Mechanical Engineer, a geek and a Father.  Looking to use this as a means to get back into creating.

I currently produce 4 PODCASTS under the banner TheChippaMadeThis:

  1. The Chipman Bros. Tangent
  2. Creating Geeks:  A Parenting Podcast of Great Responsibility
  3. The Talkbuster Podcast
  4. Shooting the Shit w/ Chippa

I also have a VLOG on Youtube:

  - Chippa in the 3rd Person:

My youtube channel also also has some short films and animations I have made throughout the years as well as new ones.

I also have a NEW PATEON EXCLUSIVE SHOW Called "Hopped Ones" which is like the show "Hot Ones" but with beer.

I also have NEW PATRON HANGOUTS which I plan to schedule once a month.

Thanks for your support, I look forward to sharing with you!


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Looking for a small amount of extra income to put towards the creation of podcasts, videos and other creative endeavors.  Any support is greatly appreciated!
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