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Whether it's a heavy bass line underneath a bed of heartfelt lyrics; a jazzy hip hop chord that strikes the deepest core of your soul; or futuristic- downtempo beats that make you feel like you're swimming in space, multi-talented Los Angeles-based Engineer/Producer/Songwriter Christopher Scott is guaranteed to take you on whatever musical journey you're searching for...

Born and raised in Nashville, TN Christopher has always had a deep love for music. Before he could afford studio equipment he often remembers in middle school putting in pain-staking hours making "mix cd's".

"Even back then, the mix of going from song to song had to blend perfectly! The entire cd from beginning to end had to tell a story from track to track. It wasn't just a bunch of random
songs thrown on a cd. Everything had to make sense. It's funny thinking about that now because that has a lot to do with the way I approach the craft of songwriting and making music today…"

Currently Christopher has been on a new quest as a Songwriter by attempting to write, record, and finish a song a day and release the best song of that week on all digital platforms.  Through this documented journey you will see what it is like to be in the room as your favorite songs are being created.  There will even be opportunities for you to jump-in as a "co-writer" to help out with the songwriting experience and receive a publishing split on the song if it makes money! 

This is a true take on the Songwriting experience and everything that comes along with it...

Welcome to the Christopher Scott Sessions! 

Enjoy :) 
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