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Welcome, traveler, to the Patreon of the Dungeon Master
As a Let's Player, I publish content which I have chosen to refer to as 'Let's Play Adventures'. Originally, these were mainly RPGs, but over the course of 10 years, I have branched out to other genres such as action adventures, visual novels and the like.

Of course, doing this on a daily basis is time-consuming and takes a lot of energy to produce. There have also been numerous ups and downs between 2010 and 2020 where it's been hard to release the kind of Let's Play content I want to make and I hope viewers out there will enjoy.

I'll be upfront: I've always been skeptical of YouTube's Partnership Program and as one of the more obscure creators on the site I was never going to reach the criteria needed to get that milestone. Patreon, therefore, is a more community-based platform that YouTube kind of was back in the day that allows people to support content creators like myself and tie things back together.

There are four tiers available, ranging from $1 to $50, for those who wish to donate to my Patreon. In addition, the higher tiers have ties to my very own Discord server called 'the Guild Of The DM', with specific roles depending on how much you pledge which will receive a special mention either during my Let's Plays or in a seperate Patreon shoutout video.

To those who do choose to support my Patreon, I am humbly grateful. Words cannot encompass my thanks and I will endeavor to make my Let's Play Adventures the best I can possibly make them.

Thank you very much for reading this and safe travels.

Until next we meet.

The DM

$0 of $600 per month
When I reach $600 per month, I'll start doing Live Steams on Twitch.

As fun as working on Let's Plays is, a lot of Content Creators also do live streams as a means of engaging further with their audience. This goal is here to help me reach that lofty pinnacle. I'm not exaggerating when I say that without your support, live streams are quite literally impossible for me. Any and all pledges towards this goal will be appreciated, also shoutouts and a special Discord role will also be thrown in as well.
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