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My sincere thanks! This will be the only tier for now, since I still need to figure out what I could do for higher tiers. 




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Hey guys! I'm known as TheDarkenedRose on Twitch and YouTube! What I do with most of my time is Stream Playthroughs of New and Old Games (sometimes speedruns, too), and make Dumb Gaming Videos with friends or just myself. My goal is to make content that makes others laugh and have a better day, and eventually, I want to do that for a living. 

You don't see much people on YouTube that's big and still down to earth nowadays, and I want my videos to be funny and viewed not because of doing some absolutely stupid prank gone wrong (GONE SEXUAL... had to make the joke) or using titles such as, "YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!", I want to make videos that bring comedy straight from the stuff that happens when playing games by myself or with friends, the dumb jokes that I make, and maybe even give knowledge on some stuff (everyone has something to say about certain things, right?). YouTube doesn't really make it viable to make videos that take a while to make (I try to get as much footage of stuff as possible before making a funny moments video out of it, hence why they could take so long. That, and procrastination.) anymore, but I still want to take my time with video creation instead of trying to go with the algorithm's flow (AKA, make a buttload of poorly made videos in a week to counter it). Busting out multiple videos every week (even if it's a shite vid) just isn't right, and I would rather just continue to make quality videos instead of prioritizing quantity.  

It's definitely a pipe dream to be a creator that doesn't have to do sponsorships that requires me to be biased, sell out, or run away with the money to spend it on ridiculous things, but I don't want to end up doing those things (or at least not do the bad of those things because I'd rather be genuine than fake). I want to create to make someone's day better and make an impact on lives around the world... even if that does sound like a cliche.
All proceeds go to equipment costs and expenses that are relevant for all content I create and to keep myself afloat. 
$0 of $100 per month
A Start (or Equipment Budget START)
This is the basic amount to help me get started with saving for new equipment, as time goes on. When we get here, I could worry a tiny bit less about having to work (thus more time to stream and create content), and it would help with purchasing games to stream and record videos of, too! It may seem like a low amount of money to save for equipment like cameras and pc parts, but it's a start and seriously gracious for a person starting out on content creation. :D
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