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About The Dice Girls

The Dice Girls is what happens when four goofball women get together and try to play D&D for the first time. We’re Becca, Alexa, Ashley, and Kim, and we love games, storytelling, and making people laugh! So we combined all those things and came up with The Dice Girls, which has new episodes every Monday.

What’s your current campaign all about?
Good question! Our three adventurers – Rhakna, a half-orc paladin (played by Ashley); Kai, a changeling rogue (played by Alexa); and Triggus, a Triton bard (played by Kim) – fatefully meet one evening in a small-town tavern where ‘open mic’ night quickly goes astray. By the end of the night, they’ve been accused of attempted murder and tasked with a quest to prove they didn’t do it. Little do they know, there’s a much larger mystery at hand and before they know it, they’re roaming the countryside in search of hidden cults, underground resistances, and the answer to that ever-burning question: What the heck are we even doing?

How does my sponsorship help the show?
Your sponsorship helps the show in a lot of different ways. First and foremost, it lets us know that you like what we’re doing and encourages us to continue doing it (and continue improving it!). But to break it down a little bit more:

- Our podcast is definitely a labor of love, but there were also some upfront costs that we had to invest in to create it; so your sponsorship will be helping us build our show from the ground up!

- Continuing to work on The Dice Girls has some recurring costs associated with it, such as the registration for our domain name, and website and audio hosting fees. It also requires a lot of time and effort from all of us, and your support allows us to dedicate even more time to make it the best it can be.

- Dreams. We have lots of dreams for what The Dice Girls could grow into! The possibilities for things like live shows, conventions, and giveaways will increase right along with the support we receive from incredible listeners and sponsors like you!

Are there non-monetary ways I can support you instead?
Of course! We understand that not everybody is able to contribute tangibly, and that’s okay! There are so many things you can do to help us out, and each one of them is incredibly important to the success of our show:

- Rate and review us on iTunes! Your feedback helps us get better as players, as podcasters, and as people in general. It’s so appreciated and gives us ideas for directions to go in and things we can improve upon.

- Share the show with friends and family, and on social media using the hashtag #TheDiceGirls.

- Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @ TheDiceGirls! Growing our audience is essential to our continued success! Also, check out our website at!

This is all thanks to you.
Even in our podcast’s infancy, we are already overwhelmed with the amount of people who have voiced their encouragement and support for us. It’s a big, scary, vulnerable thing to put this out there when we are all so new to the D&D and podcasting worlds; but the communities have already been so incredibly welcoming that we can’t help but feel like we’re part of a big, lovely family. Thank you so much for listening, sharing, subscribing, rating, critiquing, and sponsoring us. It not only means the world, it is changing our worlds as we go. <3 You rock!

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