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Hey our beautiful Dog Lovers!

Thanks for taking out time to check our Patreon page. If you are following our channel from the start, you would know how far we have gone in improving our channel.

Let's have a look at our story.

At the beginning of this channel we made videos with only text over photos/videos without using audio. Many people disliked that. so we started making videos with audio sounds using "Text to speech" software. We used TTS software because English is not our first language and we were unable to use our own voice because of our accent.

Using "Text to speech" software proved to be a nightmare for our viewers because it produces bored robotic sounds and we again got comments from people who disliked that. (See their comments in the video below). 

so, We were left with only one option. Now we hire a freelancers and pay them to record their voice for our videos. The freelancers charges us on the basis of per 100 words which looks quite expensive for us at this stage of our channel. 

It is our humble request if you can help us in continuing this channel. Apart from the hard work we put into research and gathering information, video editing: most part of our money goes into the audio narration.

We will be happy if you would help us. Every single penny would add up. We have very big dreams and plans about expanding this channel and we will never disappoint you about the stuff we upload.

Thanks for reading this all. We will update our Patreon page soon to add tiers etc. 

Stay tuned. 
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Monthly rough amount which we need for our paid voice over narrations.
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