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Uncertain, but Curious
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Most everyone has a dollar floating around, In this tier you a copy of Breaking Hell when it's released and your name in the credits.
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In this tier you get a copy of A Rose in Ice once it's published. And your name in the special thanks in the book.
Why not both?
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In this tier you get both "Uncertain, but curious" and Bookworm!




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Hello and welcome to The Drunken Ferret. I make video games and write books. Thank you for taking a moment to visit my patreon! Updates and Sneak peeks are available for all tiers concerning the tier they got. Exp: All tiers related to my books get book updates and all tiers related to games get game updates.

Currently in the works:

A Rose in Ice
A in this fantasy book about two sisters as they try to overcome an evil haunting the land, but even more scary each other. The daughters of the Oak King and Holly King, trying to restore their kingdom after their fathers died. The only thing standing in the way is the other one.

Breaking Hell (GAME)
A game about a young succubus go against the odds, angels and even the big G.O.D. himself. On a mad quest to prove her fathers innocence. Join us in a tale of chaos, humor, love, and betrayal and watch the feathers fly!
$0 of $100 per month
I'm just wanting to get enough to help pay some of the bills and be able to get better resources to make an even better game.
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