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Caturday greetings
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Weekly snapshots of my 4 cats that served as inspiration for my illustrated story.
Everybody wants to be a cat
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How would you look as a cat? Now is your chance to find out. I will draw/ paint/ create an illustration of you as a cat or as another type of animal you want (I'll need a photo or some kind of description).
Supreme catness
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The story of you (as a cat)- I will illustrate a short story that has your cat persona as the main character. You can give me ideas of what the cat-you should do or you could risk it and let me surprise or shock you. I'd prefer you to give me ideas though :D



About Dudette

Cat obsessed dudette that paints and thinks of children stories while fighting anxiety attacks and general nervousness about anything and everything. Hope you'll not hate my stuff.

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