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A game of Grimdarkening, where only the fortunate survive...
A world of Carrion Crows, scrounging through the muck of legendary battles in search of one big score...
Secrets from the All-Out War for Earth, where armies of giant robots and immense monsters clash for the destiny of our home planet...
And other games, worlds, secrets, settings, stories and more, all ready for your gaming table!

This is The Eldritch Tomb.

The Eldritch Tomb is a project by Tristan "Sasha De'ath" Jusola-Sanders to create gaming material for a myriad of systems, settings, and more, including Cortex Prime, Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition, Powered by the Apocalypse (including Dungeon World, Worlds in Peril, and Monster of the Week), ZWEIHÄNDER Grim and Perilous Roleplaying, Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, and more! Subjects range from supernatural and cosmic horror, high adventure and pulp heroism, anime and manga-inspired action, to the stars above and beyond! Numerous projects are underway in The Eldritch Tomb, and by supporting this Patreon, you can help make those projects a reality!

Some of the projects being worked on include...
Carrion Crows: Dark fantasy inspired by Gary Gygax, Sam Raimi, and Dark Souls! In a world of legendary battles and epic struggles between good and evil, you are a Carrion Crow. Paid to rummage through the dead and dying, yours is a life of adventure and profit, but also danger and doom. Will you meet the challenge, or die in the muck?

grimDARK: The Grimdarkening: A dark fantasy RPG system based on the award-winning Cthulhu Dark by Graham Walmsley and designed to emulate your favorite dark fantasy game. Go from Nobody to Somebody to the Big Cheese and change the world, or die ignominiously in the mud. Fantasy lands rife with conflict and horror await you.

Titans vs. Leviathans: All-Out War For Earth: It's the kaijupocalypse in a world where giant monsters and titanic robots allied with Earth, known as Titans, are overseen by heroic Handlers in the service of the three-pronged Grand Alliance. Together, they protect the Earth from it's most dangerous foes - giant creatures and robots known as Leviathans, and controlled by the alien conquerors The Supremacy of Vhirg, the cabal of demon-worshipping sorcerers known as the Malefic Apostles, and the amoral, bottom-line-obsessed KN-IFE.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Roleplaying: An entirely FREE supplement for Cortex Prime, this is a full campaign adaptation of the hit manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders, featuring the locations, characters, and events of the groundbreaking heroic saga!

And many more to come!

So please, join Tristan and the Eldritch Tomb in making these and many more games a reality! This Patreon will charge only once a month, regardless of the amount of content per month, and will go to supporting Tristan Jusola-Sanders in paying bills, getting groceries, buying beer, and most importantly, making more games!

Tristan Jusola-Sanders has worked on numerous RPG playtests including ZWEIHÄNDER: Grim and Perilous Roleplaying, Feng Shui 2, and Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition. He was also a contributor for Skirmisher Publishing's gaming blog, d-Infinity, where he developed system-less adventures as well as game content for Fate Core and Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition. His work has been featured in game jams for the Melsonian Art Council, as well as in the Cortex Prime Kickstarter for Magic Vacuum Design Studio. He has been a Game Master and designer for over a decade, and has over fifteen years experience in role-playing games at large. This is his official RPG page as an individual creator.

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I'm making enough to be considered rather dashing Peasant. Huzzah, mostly! At this level I can pay off a wonderful artist friend of mine and use his music, as well as buy a couple of art assets and make a cool as heck video for this very Patreon! Plus I'll definitely be able to deliver at the absolute minimum one piece of content a month, with potentially more any time I can find the time.
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