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Thank you for looking at this page for helping to create bold lefty-progressive oriented content from an "Everyday" kind of guy! When you become a patron I can further spread the good word about progressive views, opinions, and political policy as I have been a strong advocate for lefty-progressive issues for many, many years!

Due to the shenanigans over at YouTube picking on people who talk about politics, I'm not even going to bother monetizing my videos over there (use Adblock Plus, it blocks most ads on YouTube and Twitch).

So You Won't  see ANY Pop-Up Ads On My Videos EVER! YAY!!!!

I see no point in monetizing my videos due to how I see YouTube is changing things. So I'm counting on generous souls like you who have a thing for watching videos about progressive policies and big ideas to chip in.

When you do choose to become a patron, there is no pressure here to "give big" as I would rather build a large base of small monthly amounts than relying on a few large monthly donations. Power to the PEOPLE! Not mega-corporations!

Thanks again for your consideration!!
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We hit $20!, now let's see if we can get to $30 from more generous people like those who have already became Patreons of The Everyday Progressive Show!
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