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Learning is a life long pleasure and we should never stop exploring.

I began THE EXPLORERS CLUB in 2012, opening with a talk at a small underground art gallery in St. Leonards-on-Sea. The talk was on the subject of the famous Kon-Tiki Expedition of 1947 - lead by the enigmatic Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl.

My initial inspirations for these events were real-life expedition and travel accounts that I had discovered in old books in charity and junk shops. I wanted to convey some of the wonder these explorers experienced embarking upon their perilous journeys and that unique and exotic state of consciousness we all feel when we enter truly new environments.

I was also important to me to be able to offer an evening of learning and connection. This was something that I felt was missing from standard evenings out around town, in pubs or bars, my local town has a big drink and drug social culture and it was becoming dull and predictable. I was also inspired by editing a local magazine called The Bohemian. One of the sections within the publication was about life 100 years ago and I was impressed by the variety of events occurring within our town. Talks, dances, demonstrations and learning were very much an important and significant aspect of social life and there was a clearly a greater emphasis on broadening the mind, improving the body and sharpening the intellect.

As THE EXPLORERS CLUB evolved, our subject matter became more expansive and we ran series on neuroscience, psychedelics, psychology, ethnobotany, AI and technology, ancient culture and more. I invited lecturers from all over the world to talk at my tiny club in a so-called deprived seaside town and many very high-profile academics and experts paid us a visit.

I didn't go to university myself, but I truly felt that through THE EXPLORERS CLUB I was beginning to receive a first class, bespoke education and I wanted to open up this opportunity to as many people as possible.

The internet gives us a precious opportunity to access an unimaginable amount of information and data, but little can beat first hand and embodied experience for real, deep and integrated learning. I want to use the connective power of the web to create real life experiences and connections in the world. Something that is non-elitist, accessible and open to everyone.

I started off my club charging £5 for a ticket, and that ticket included a warm meal. The collected £5s were given to our speaker. All sorts of people came and I know it made a positive impact on the community that coalesced around the kitchen table, talking one-on-one to experts and getting to know one another in a new and stimulating situation.

I was inspired by one of our lecturers - Dr. David Luke, to start writing about my experiences with lucid dreaming - a passion of mine since childhood. Since then I have written for academic journals and now lead my own workshops and give talks on the subject. I am now researching into Greek sleep temples for a book about ancient dream incubation techniques. Another lecturer - Dr. Tim Read is publishing my book and I have made many connections and creative partnerships with other lecturers. Working with Carl H. Smith from Ravensbourne College, London we have developed THE SEVENTH RAY  - A Mystery School virtual initiation programme that has showcased all over Europe. 

My work building up THE EXPLORERS CLUB and getting to know lecturers and experts on a wide range of subjects has absolutely, undoubtedly changed my life vastly. I am in a wonderful place right now and I would love to help bring this special way of learning and connecting to many more people all over the world. As my research has developed, I have become increasingly inspired and impressed by the Mystery School methods of the ancient world. People need to be together, they need to connect and they need to understand one another and the world around them. This is not the kind of education we receive at school.

For most of us in the UK, we do not experience real life learning within educational institutions. If we are not lucky enough to be born into wealthy privilege, our education will quite likely be impoverished and joyless. Having been a 'sort-of' teacher in a South London 'special measures' high school I saw many very intelligent and creative souls written off because they could not handle the system, an utterly flawed system that is restrictive, narrow-minded and totally un-holistic.

Children should be learning how the world works by being 'in' the world, by talking to one another and their teachers and elders on an equal footing, by learning through joyful experiences and useful skill development, by feeling capable of being in and of the world. So much damage can be done in these early years of conditioning that older people decide to give up on learning once they leave the education system, but learning should be a life long pleasure and we should never stop exploring. 

Twitter : @sarahjanes77
Insta: sarahjanes22
Facebook: /sarah.bohemia
Facebook events: /explorersstleonards/

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