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Hello Everyone! Welcome and Thank you SO VERY MUCH to every visitor and Patron I have! (Both present and future). Your love, care and support means the absolute world to me! Every pledge counts, no matter how big or small!

My page offers exclusive and early access to all of my available works! Including access to all of my Works in Progress, digital and sketchbook sketches, character and creature concepts, and Animation WIPs! 

I'm going into a 3D Animation school course starting this September (2019), so I'll be offering more rewards when classes begin to give you an insight to what I'm doing for class work, what I'm learning, and development!

I know some people, (kids included) don't have bank accounts, or money, and thats okay! Your love and support is greatly appreciated, even if you cannot afford to make a Donation or Pledge! 
Please do not feel bad, or obligated to make a Pledge if you cannot afford it, NOTHING is held against you for not doing so! :3 

If you'd like to support me with just a loving tip, buy me a Ko-fi right here! Every dollar counts :3

However for those able and happy to pledge, I am deeply grateful!

I have so many Rewards that I offer for my dear Patrons, including Early Access to Animations, Exclusive Art and Sketches, including WIPs! 
Again, Thank you for the Visit! If you can, please stay for awesome monthly rewards! If you want to contribute in any way but can't afford to, please Share the Link to My Patreon Page! 

You may visit my page and wonder why it doesn't seem like much is here other than Public pages of my Comic, but that is because, most of my posts are for Patrons only, and you have to become a Patron to see all the cool things I put up for you guys!

~~ Here are some available Rewards! ~~

- WIPs of all Art and Animations
- Unseen Sketches
- Development of my story "Legends of Arkadia"
- Polled Art Tutorials
- Character development and Sketch pages
- Downloadable files
- Early access to sketch pages, art, and MORE!

Thank you everyone!

~ Hannah

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5% complete
With this goal I will be able I can afford my monthly Adobe pack for my Art and Animation! :)
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