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Baby Osha
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You'll be able to get to see the behind scenes of my new upcoming comic that I'll be submitting to the Webtoon Contest! You might also get a sketch of 1 or 2 OCs of your choosing! 
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Adult Osha
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You can get the following rewards and also get a custom role on Discord and get 2-4 sketches of OC(s) of your choice.




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Hello! I'm a fellow starter comic artist! I plan on creating some sort of comic in the future, but for now I am still just a beginner. I have lots more to experience for example line art and coloring! I might as well just post a few sketches on behind the scenes of the making of my comic but for now let's not spoil it yet! Until then, stick around for a bit! I am new to this sort of platform so sorry if I kind of am a bit of a idiot. ✨😋✨
$0 of $95 per month
When I reach about $95 per a month, I will ask a random patron in my discord server (If they joined) if they would like a custom role and then they can have the "Osha-Admin" role. I can also draw 1-3 lined and colored artwork of an OC(s) of their choice! 
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