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I am fascinated by how humans play. The Gamerette is how I explore the collision between how a game developer MEANT for a game to be played versus how we experience it as players.

About moi: Quirky. LOUD. Curious how we present our stories. And I game to make my brother laugh, and to give me some peace of mind in my off hours.

Schedule: Let's Plays every dern day of the week. Livestreams 9PM-11PM EST Mon-Fri.

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Sometimes I think things. Sometimes they're about games. Sometimes I put them on the internet:

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PO Box ► 263 South 4th Street, P.O. Box 110832, Brooklyn, New York, 11211
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This is where I can make YouTube my full time job. Where I can put out 2 high quality rocking videos a day, multiple livestreams a week, travel to cons, have a top of the line gaming rig, and afford all of the wicked cool games and platforms that I could possibly share with you guys- from VR to PS4 to Steam. This is where I want to be to be able to make gaming smarter every day not just a side project, but a life mission. You guys are the people who can help me make this a reality.

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