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Thank you so much!

You get a complimentary "Get out of Gulag free" Card, courtesy of the Commissar himself!
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For each donation of $5, that pledges name will go into the credits of one of my videos in the future, you also get a special rank in my discord which allows you to hang out with me whenever I'm around!

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Oopa! You are beautiful! Donations of $10 will get you into my private Discord, as well as getting a face to face thank you from me when you get in! Babushka is singing she is so happy!

You also get "Get out of Gulag Free" Card, is good to have in case you are western spy.

Patreons of $10 get the rank "Soldier who carries the gun" In my discord, I sometimes will invite these patrons to be in my videos if I'm able to.

also, I will personally thank one $10 patron at the end of each game play video! and if you have a channel I will promote that as well!
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About TheGamingSoviet

I will be making video's for a wide range a games from War Thunder to Company of heroes and so on, The goals I want to reach here will in the future help me to get better equipment, upgrade my tower, buy more advanced software, etc.

Any donations are appreciated wholeheartedly, Where I plan to go will always be thanks to those who support me, and see potential in what I want to do.
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This is my starter goal, to see if Patreon is a good place to start. This helps me with maintaining myself and my setup.
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