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Thanks for visiting our Patreon site! 
We are the Genesa Project, and we are the hosts of The Genesa ThoughtLab Podcast! This portion of our project is dedicated to providing a podcast format spotlight in an effort to feature the endless amounts of local or passing through talent we are so lucky to have in Calgary Alberta!
We strive to illuminate the passion and drive behind some of the most inspiring creators and artists, tackle interesting and diverse subject matter in a long-format discussion style, and spread the word about things to look out for in our local scene. 

This project was incredibly fun to put together, but we have also invested a fair amount of money out of pocket to make it happen, and plan to continually build on the project in hopes to create a wonderfully professional product in which provides a valuable resource to Western Canada (and beyond), giving our artists, doers, movers, curators and creators a voice!

We are reaching out to our viewers for help in regards to funding the project! Patreon is an AMAZING platform in which patrons can pledge as little as $1 per episode to become a contributor and gain access to Patron exclusive content and perks, as well as helping us create this project. We couldn't do this without the support from people who see value in this <3 
You can set a maximum amount to donate per month to make sure you're not in for a surprise in case we crank out more episodes than usual!

We appreciate any bit of support, no matter how small, as every penny helps us keep this project afloat :)

Thanks guys!!

Tanner, Kali and Alexandre
$10 of $100 per each episode of The Genesa ThoughtLab Podcast
We're hoping to bring this project to the next level through Spring 2017, so we're setting a goal we'd like to reach before June 1st
There is costs involved in producing every episode, such as hosting, editing, and we ultimately would like to upgrade our recording system to provide the highest quality audio and video possible!
If you become a patron and choose the Level 3 pledge, we're going to be creating a Limited Edition T-shirt for this campaign which we will print for summer! Also, if you choose either the Level 2 or Level 3 pledge, you'll get $5 off tickets to any event we host!

Love you guys! Thanks for helping us create this project <3
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