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About Shadaw

This Patreon is intended to help me build the Ghost Quarter. The video covers that subject but since some people dont want to watch it. Here is the bullet points.

What the @#$% is this "Ghost Quarter" of which I speak?

The name was originally came up with because at the time of the name arcades were dying out and most peoples opinions were that arcades were "dead". So the logic was "if arcades are dead, and arcades machines take money... what would be the afterlife of an arcade machine?" So ghost + quarters = "Ghost Quarter"

Realizing this I saw the idea for making a theme around this idea. The idea for the theme is a gothic, victorian/steampunk inspired design. I don't want you to walk into my business when it's open and say "Ikea, 2.99 at the Walmart, that table I can buy at the Wallgreens" My point being it's not just a business at that point its an experience.

The problem with this is like everything in life. Money, you cant build a custom business with no money and 150 dollars a week from a part time job also doesn't cover anything. The average cost of a new pinball machine is $4,000 dollars for the low end, and 6 - 8,000 for a high end with all the bells and whistles.

The patreon is intended to help save money and help get the location, then the machines and then the decor, then open my doors. I also have to have money to actually live off of the whole while I'm doing this.

There is so much more I want to be able to do with the Ghost Quarter but I have to pick and choose the things I want to do and do those well first so that it lives long enough to do the rest.
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