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You might be wondering who is this guy and what is the purpose of this? Let me introduce myself.

Sounds fishy and cheesy? I completely agree.

I'll elaborate. The Go To Spot, is exactly what it means and is what I am building.

You want to talk? Go to 'The Go To Spot'. 

But... there's more to it. You are not here just to talk - neither am I, well maybe I am... That's not the point. 

The sole purpose of why I am creating this is because I see and feel like in this day and age people are not giving enough attention to their inner selves. Now, I am no psychologist and did not graduate with a psychology degree. I actually graduated with a Bachelors degree of Computer Science. 

Now you are asking yourself "how does this even relate and what the heck are you going to provide for me?" 

Let me just make this short and sweet since I already made you read up to here. 

My passion is to really help as many people as I can in this world. So far in my life, I had many friends and family come speak to me about their problems and vent to me - I created many solutions. To be quite honest, I like it. Not because I know their problems and everyone loves to know other people's drama. Thats not close to even being true. 

While they are speaking to me, I listen carefully and I respectively give my opinion and advice on to what I would do. I am there for them and that is my main purpose of what I am here today - the reason you are reading this. 

Now, how can I trust someone over the internet? Well that's the answer as well. It's the internet. Someone you know physically can literally go to anyone else you know and spread out your problems/issues. Me, what am I going to do? Tell my mom that person XYZ gets angry because you hate people who walk slow. Um, I could imagine the careless stare on her face. Does that make sense? 

At the end of the day, my goal is to give you the right feeling for any situation. It may be positive or negative, but that's the point. To see perspective of other people's (what I will be doing) and your own. 

Also, I will be uploading content related to many of our issues/problems/events, etc.. as these can be reminders or educational so we can improve and upgrade ourselves everyday. This is not just to talk, but also to learn and grow as an individual for ourselves and the people around us. 

I thank you for reading this and I hope this was very valuable for your time! I want to be there for as much people as possible and hey, you guys can be there for me too! It's a win-win! 

God bless!

P.S. We can literally talk about anything and my time is all yours! There will bonuses where we can have a phone call as this sometimes is so much better than through messaging.
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