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My name is Rodney Robbins. I’m an amateur nutritionist and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (that’s “Lean,” as in efficiency expert, not “lean,” as in skinny). I study nutrition because I have Celiac Disease (an “allergy” to wheat, barley, rye and probably oat grains) and heavy duty Migraines with sneaky food triggers. I study Lean because I love creating system that work!


I’m currently running an experiment to see if I can apply Lean Thinking to healthy eating and, in my case, fat loss. My goal is to lose 4” off my waste, and drop my blood pressure by 40 points. I don’t much care what I weigh when I’m done, but I’ll probably need to lose 30-40 pounds (my starting weight is 215 at 5’10”). I think I can reach my goals by creating a simple, easy to follow eating plan, tracking my results and making sensible adjustments as needed. I invite you to come along with me, see what works, and what doesn’t work, in the real world.


Of course, anyone is welcome to join me on this journey. I appreciate your support. But if you want to try the Gracious Plenty Diet, you must be willing to:

1) Eat a lot—and I do mean a LOT—of healthy food. 
2) Follow a sensible eating plan, and
3) Adapt the plan when you are sure it isn’t working.

Why eat a lot? Because eating a gracious plenty of wholesome foods is good for you, it cuts cravings and actually changes the way food tastes. Seriously.

Why follow an eating plan? Let me be clear, by “plan,” I mean eating so many servings from each of the food groups, measuring your food (at least till you can eye-ball it accurately) and tracking your results. If you don’t have a plan, or lif you aren’t following your plan, you have no way to make sensible improvements. The simpler the plan, the better. In this case, you can fit your entire meal plan, and your food record, on a 3x5 pocket card.

Why adapt your plan? The classic Lean improvement method is called PDCA. That means Plan-Do-Check-ADJUST. Sometimes, you get lucky and hit it out of the park with your very first plan. Usually, even the best of plans needs to be adjusted to work in the real world. If you can’t change, or if you can’t be patient enough to wait for results before making a change, you won’t like this diet. 


So, come on in, the water’s fine! I gotta tell you though, you are here a little early. That means you will find few resources to start with. But, it also means lots of personal attention for YOU. You can still get in on the ground floor of this thing! I hope to talk with your soon.

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Habits are way more powerful than goals, but I will offer this one simple goal: When I get my first patron, I will post a video of me preparing and enjoying a typical Gracious Plenty dinner.
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