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is creating anime and korean drama analysis videos as well as film scripts

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This grants you access into my narrative, The GB patreon. I really don't want to make the barrier to entry to be too high. Stuff like my patreon blogs or articles will be available for all to consume as well as exclusive extracts from my web novel projects.
The Patreon only videos
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This will be the patreon only videos sections. Don't worry I don't believe in segregating the main videos on youtube, but for the less youtube friendly videos, they will be available to be consumed here in my Abyss. Also anyone in this tier, going up, will have a chance to win TheGreatBastino fan art and merchandise. I will personally pay for the shipping expenses so no worries.
The GB Discord server
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This will be a meta self contained fan discord which I will get to decide the administrators from the patrons. If I get the time, I might pitch in and converse with you guys, but if I get the time. The discord will mainly focus on TheGreatBastino narrative and all things anime and korean drama related.




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Greetings everyone and welcome to TheGreatBastino. I give my opinion and analysis of ANIME,MANGA,KOREAN DRAMAS, FILM SCRIPTS and the current state of EDM(Electronic Dance Music) as well as BABYMETAL #kawaiimetalforlife

So I am guessing most of you are probably wondering, "Why would we ever give some random jackass on the internet our money?." That's a good question and probably others are thinking that these days content creators feel entitled to ask for donations to finance their hobbies or poor life decisions, but my reasons are purely simple. I love the conversation and the community buzz behind anime youtube videos. Content creators like TheAnimeMan, Gigguk and Digibro have really inspired me and make me proud to talk about anime youtubers. I really enjoy creating videos and generating a communal call to action to all things anime and korean drama related.

However to justify putting in several hours of editing and writing into the videos I make for you guys I need your support so that I can do this full time and not have to bounce back and forth from my freelance web design side job, having to deal with things that haunt all adults such as bills and family pressure. The money I make will be used to cover my living expenses and to reinvest into the channel; getting better audio equipment and cameras to boost the production values. Collaborations with professional animators and big projects will be made possible with your support and I would forever appreciate your contribution to TheGreatBastino narrative. You will also gain access to patreon only exclusive content and bloopers of what goes into the making of my videos.

Even if you don't end up becoming a patron, thank you for taking the time to read my campaign and may peace be with you all. 

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Once I have reached this goal, I will be able to slowly start investing into the TheGreatBastino podcast, buying the right audio equipment and then renting a room so that I can accomodate guests who are fellow anime and korean drama enthusiasts to have a conversation.
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