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About The Happy Talent

They say that all of psychology research is really psychology me-search -- and, in that respect, I have devoted my entire life to studying playfulness and leisure skill development. :)   

But seriously. After completing my master's thesis, "The Happy Talent: A Prototype of the Playful Adult," I realized that one of the most important talents we can possibly have... is playfulness. People with better leisure skills are less likely to be anxious, depressed or lonely. They're less likely to have back pain and muscle aches and digestion problems. 

Basically, every bad thing that can possibly happen to you is less likely to happen if you play.

The problem is... talents and skills are things we have to develop. And, between the disappearance of free play in children (thanks, high-achieving childhoods!) and the ubiquity of technology, which provides passive entertainment, many millennials have missed out on valuable lessons and opportunities to learn how to play.

I'm here to change that. The Happy Talent is a place to share psychology research and actionable advice about how to improve your playfulness skills, social skills and happiness. It's a place where I seek to empower my readers with knowledge and confidence.

I've had a lot of success so far! But... Creating high-quality posts takes time. Running a blog costs money.

My mission is to bring playfulness into the world -- but the effort will be much more sustainable with your support.
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