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About Asher Hardt

A brief story to explain I arrived at such a crucial time in my life. 

The touch of razor cold steel on his neck awoke Asher Hardt during an uncannily hot LA summer. His adopted sister Jennifer- who would later be diagnosed as a schizophrenic psychopath-held a butcher’s knife against his neck, intent on murdering him while he slept in their family’s home. At 10 years old, Asher’s world was shattered as he managed to talk Jennifer into putting the knife down; tackling her and shouting for help.

Despite his cries, no one came to help. Leaving Asher to clean up another meson a sown hill way. AfterJennifer had attacked him, she was taken to UCLA medical center and put on a 5150 hold, also known as a psychiatric 72-hourinvestigative hold. Usually needed when a person is a danger to themselves or others. Which was the very definition of the violent attempt Jennifer made on Asher’s life.Even after such a strain on their relationship, and family, Asher made every attempt to visit her in an attempt to bring joy and consistency to the sterile and cold environment she resided in. Ironically, this clean cut and pristine environment would be the aesthetic that Asher would choose to mimic in his adult life.

Asher began to act out. Pushing others out, getting into trouble, and failing school- he isolated himself. Alarmed at their son’s drastic change, and unable to cope with the stress of parenting, they began to experiment. Lacing his food with drugs, Asher’s parents ran turned to the only solution they knew. Methamphetamine salts, anti-depressants and any other narcotic they could get their hands on became the only guiding hand Asher received for some time.

This would continue for three years until the collapse of his parents’ marriage. The chaos and destruction were unparalleled. Caught in the middle of their domestic dispute,Asher and his siblings suffered immensely. Jennifer bounced from psychiatric wards to local mental hospital, dozens of times within this year. And Asher… After choosing to live with his mother, Asher ran his own world. With an older brother and father solely interested in themselves, a sister with hosts of demons, and a mother who escaped her own demons by riding the constant high of her latest drug fix. Asher was left alone to face the storm of problems left in his lap.

Despite the at home hardships, Asher had managed to emerge from his shell outside of the dark cloud. Quickly becoming the beloved class clown. The bright blue eyes under a mop of unruly and infectious energy lit up every room and event he attended. Thankfully this trait was never lost during his many troubles. Even with the anxiety of attending a new school in a new neighborhood with new people and a fresh divorce, he was confident he would be able to find new friends and get in where he could finally fit in with the kids around him.

Things seemed to go well until Asher entered his freshman year of high school. After needing extra cash, he started selling weed out of his bedroom window. Considering the illegality of it, Ashe actually had a pretty successful operation going. Constant demanding customers and plenty of product to dish outresulted in a“waiting room”area for when window would get to crowded.

In spite of this successful entrepreneurial expedition, the toxic fall out with all his childhood friends, dwarfed any happiness of success. After a raging Valley Party, Asher and his friends decided it would be hilarious to drive around and shoot car windows out with a high powered c02 pellet gun. They drove around the hills shooting car after car until they arrived at a friend of Asher’s parents house.
nstructing to take care shooting out this car window. Hewas severely disappointed when two full shots fired 2 shots, but the window didn’t shatter. Initially accepting defeat, the boys moved on. That was until Asher pushed going back to finish the window off. Not realizing his parents’ friend had been laying in wait, hoping they would return to finish the job. A wild chase ensued, flying through the neighborhoods and canyon. The boys managed to ditch the dad and return to one of their homes. As they were relaxing watching Braveheart, the doorbell rang- withthe police behind it. Apparently, during the car chase, the father had a genius idea of wring down the plate number. Resulting in arresting the boys and booking them with felonies.Having been arrested prior that year for possession, Asher’s eldest friend took the brunt of the wrap. The case being he was the only one to physically shoot the pellet gun.

It was from this that Asher fund himself outside of the circle freshman year- an unfamiliar position for him. Fortunately, the weed selling made him an indispensable commodity and impervious to being alone. As his client list started to grow his payroll andreckless streak did too. He was losing touch with the world around him.
Only showing up at school to ensure he would be able to move on to the next grade. Asher would attend summer school freshman year, for every single class he took that year. He didn’t have a choice, he was not about to repeat a grade and suffer what would be catastrophic social embarrassment.

It was the year 2000, and Asher was entering his sophomore year of High School, a year that would dramatically alter the trajectory of the rest of his life. He was beyond being careless, he had made the major league move to outright reckless and dangerous behavior. This was amplified as his mother had started dating a chain-smoking oil empire heir. This gentlemanhad the ability topop pills at the likes of which had not been seen.
I mean the guy claimed to have a morphine pump INSTALLED INSIDE HIS BODY. To this day I’m unsure of why a man would lie about something like that, but you never know…
The first time Craig met Asher, he took him to buy Tony Hawk Pro Skater as an attempt to bond. Right away Asher knew he had a golden opportunity to finesse somemajorwins with Craig in the picture. He would continue to buy Asher’s affection with cigarettes and video games, for the next several years. Including a memorable gift of Camel Lights to celebrate his 15th. Craig and Asher's mother weresky high messes that seemed meant for eachother. Except when it seemed to matter. Including the time Asher had to revive his mother from an accidental Oxycontin overdose. Finding her on the floor after coming into her bedroom to say goodnight as they had done for years Regardless of this, traumatic event, Asher realized the untapped potential Oxycontin could bring. Luckily for him- Craig had endless mountains of this stuff just lying around his penthouse.

Unknowingly tapping into an incredibly lucrative and dangerous business, all Asher could see were dollar signs. Stealing hundreds of those little blue pills at a time, money seemed to just roll in. Never taking one himself until one fateful evening that ended up in a 24-hour nightmare. Once having realized there were easier ways to take OxyContinthat didn’t induce veining and passing out, he was hooked.

That summer was another tumbling point, having failed school- for the second time. Asher’s motherdesperately wanted to help steer him onto a path full of passion and get back on course. So, she sent him to photography camp in Hawaii. An off-duty sheriff led this camp. The terror of being away from home seemed manageable after Asher had crushed and snorted Oxy during the dinner session. Calming his nerves while setting off everyone else’s. Hawaii seemed to agree with Asher and on the eve of his return home was set with new toys like switch blades, m-80 fireworks and an entire film canister full of pre-crushed Oxycontin. It was at this point where the Sherriff found Asher and offered his mother to get him in out of the camp in under 24 hours or she could try to get him out of jail.

Knowing exactly what would happen to him if he were to go to jail, his mother and her boyfriend Craig came to pick him up. This was the final straw for his parents as they felt utterly helpless. Asher seemed to be hell bent on destroying his life as such an early age. Little did Asher know that putting them in this position would turn out to be a mistake that would alter the course of his life permanently. 

On on the evening of September 4, 2001 Asher heard a knock in his bedroom door. There were 2 men he had never seen before, standing in his doorway. They explained why they were there and asked if he wanted to do this the easy way or the hard way. Asher opted for the easy, still not know why they were there. They escorted Asher downstairs where his mother and father (either of whom could stand being in the same room as each other at this point) were waiting, with a suitcase.   
 His father walked him outside with the 2 men and into the night they went.... to be contd.
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I’ll be facing a situation in which I will be homeless starting May 1st, 2019. For whatever reason, I’ve never been that great at making money, which is unfortunate seeing as though you need it to live and have shelter. I’m asking anyone with a little extra cash to donate to the “Asher Never Homeless Fund” There are tiers, the highest being $1,000 donation which will get you a custom art piece by me, using my preferred medium of oil and compressed cardboard. Followed by $500 tier which you will receive a custom work on paper by me. Lastly there is the $20 tier which will enable you to have access to read how my life story (younger life) concludes.
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