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About The History Guy

I love history, and if you love history too, this is a channel for you! 

I operate from a simple premise- history does not need to be dull. My vision is to tell history as a story, and let the magic of the events speak for themselves. Here you can find snippets of forgotten history covering everything from Hannibal's elephants to the Wild West, in a format that is fun, engaging, and fits your busy schedule. 

Videos are all between five and fifteen minutes long and cover topics of forgotten and obscure history from throughout time and around the world. 

Your patronage gets you access to all the content on my Silver Creator Award winning YouTube channel The History Guy:History Deserves to be Remembered ad free, plus at least one exclusive video a month and the opportunity to interact with the History Guy, all for just $3 a month. And you'll be supporting this record of the past that helps to inform our present. Making the History Guy takes time, effort, and equipment, and, honestly, vintage military hats do not pay for themselves. It is history that deserves your patronage!

Thank you to everyone who supports The History Guy!
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