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A crisp Washington per month. Or Sacajawea. Or Eisenhower. Thanks guys!
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Hi everyone! I'm Hoax Hotel and I'm here to tell you each and everything.
Thank you muchly for taking an interest in my ridiculous videos that I wire transfer to YouTube. I love making these every week to make you guys laugh and hopefully learn a thing or two. While I would clearly prefer an untraceable Western Union or Munniesgram transfer of $2499 to a foreign country of my choice, Patreon will allow you to show me some love on its own terms. Thank you all and please be on line.

About Me:
I am YouTuber The Hoax Hotel. I track down scammer scumbags of all forms, call them up, and let the conversation fly. This usually involves trolling them to their pathetic little cores while wasting as much of their time as possible. I then make ridiculous animations of the conversations and upload them weekly to YouTube. Win!

While it is my goal to entertain and make you laugh, I hope you're able to learn something from my videos as well. There are countless scammers out there, and it's my job to mess with them and make them question what little sanity they may have. The more time of their's wasted, the better. I will never get tired of calling these degenerates and thank you for considering supporting me in the good fight!

I thought I'd give Patreon a go as some of you have been asking about it, and I aim to please, as does Gretelyn. I love putting all the work into these videos each and every week and seeing what you guys have to say. Obviously I will continue to make these videos and put them up on YouTube. Patreon is a cool way to show support off YouTube, and any level will be appreciated greatly. There are no specific tier rewards as of now, I just want people to feel comfortable pledging whatever amount they feel. Maybe I will be able to call scammers full time someday, who knows?! That is if Gretelyn's hip doesn't give out. Cheers and thanks for the support!
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