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The Dragon's Horde is a pseudo-narrative, roleplay advice column! Basically, your hosts Foster Grant and Andrew Pendragon quest into your brain to answer your questions about D&D, Pathfinder, etc. all while weaving a hilarious fantasy narrative chock full of blood, critical fails, and goose booty. We love the community we are fostering with our humble podcast, and we want to be able to deliver a better audio experience for everyone. We rely solely on our listeners all around the world to keep this thing going. Whether you are able to give or not, thank you for making this dumb, dumb thing a reality.
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Trash Pirate
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If you send us your phone number, we will call you and leave a message telling you how you did a "good job." You will also receive our undying love and affection. We know how much even a one dollar investment means. Thank you. 

Lastly, you will canonically be assigned to the S.S. Detritus, captained by the dreaded trash pirate, Kevin "Rudder" Rudd! 

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Access to all "Khirrent Events" episodes! 

Liquid Horse
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A personal thank you and the satisfaction of knowing you supported something you care about.

A PDF copy of Andrew's personal Pathfinder handbooks from his campaigns full of maps, original deities, towns, etc. 

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A shout-out on the show, and you (or your alias) will be canonically instituted into The Dragon's Horde pantheon. 

Access to additional content like unedited copies of each episode! Enjoy the podcast like never before in all of its blunder-filled glory. 

Stellar Goose Booty
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A personal message of your choice read on the show, and if you send us your address, we will mail you a set of dice along with a letter of thanks! 

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Our first step is to turn our studio (my apartment's guest bedroom) into something more audio friendly. This will mean having to buy noise reduction equipment like foam and screens. 
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