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Greetings from the Idahoan Show!  I would aspire to creating videos that collectively immortalize the enduring pioneer spirit of rural Idaho by providing a snapshot of the life that I lead here.  My content includes a lot of Do-it-Yourself projects, ranging from building a kitchen table to machining a rifled pistol barrel, as well as outdoor recreation including hunting, fishing, horsemanship, recreational shooting, and just exploring the great outdoors. I also occasionally make videos about philosophy, religion, or, well, just about anything that interests me.  For more information, please visit my YouTube channel and view my videos for yourself.
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Now that I am self-employed, I have more flexibility as to how I spend my time, but I still have to earn a living.  Ideally, I would like to devote about 25% of my work week to making videos.  I figure I can live comfortably on $4k/month, so if I could bring in $1k/month making videos, then it would be easy to justify spending 25% of my time on this. 
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