is creating Videos & Streaming to repair mobile devices free for schools
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About TheIronSquirel

Just seeing that you made it here to my Patreon page warms my heart!
I am so nervous about this but extremely excited and not only for myself but for the local school children.
Your monthly support will help me purchase parts and equipment needed to repair electronic devices that the kids use at school.  Along with helping purchase parts your contribution will help me get better equipment/gear to perform the repairs through streaming.  As long as I got the funds to purchase the parts I will perform the repairs completely free.
Some of the devices could include iPad's, Laptops, iPod's, Macs, Windows Pro's and other devices.

iPad 4 testing battery & charging features.

Windows Pro 3 with new screen installed.

What is Streaming & Why? 
Streaming live used to be primarily for gamers from around the world.  Viewers could interact with the player and watch their reactions while playing online games.  Today you will find all kinds of steaming from Artist drawing to folks performing repairs on cars, evening some glass makers and blacksmiths.  Streaming does take some good equipment and good powerful computer(s). 

Streaming my repairs live allows me to interact with viewers.  Viewers can ask questions and possibly get help and assistance if they have problems with their own devices.  Viewers can also ship their devices and watch me perform the repair live.
I have already started purchasing equipment just to be able to stream but still need more gear and upgrade my internet service to handle the streams.  This is where your support comes in.

Why am I doing this?
I have recently discovered that our local school district has had some funding shortage.
It has been so bad that school staff are storing these broken devices on shelves when they should be in the children hands.  Some schools have gone as far as to ask parents to pitch in funds so these devices can be repaired.
I am hoping that with your support schools can keep their existing devices in the hands of these students and not have to purchase new devices year after year.  

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