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Be thanked as a part of everyone who has donated. It's sort of like PBS and NPR. There will be a  "This comic is brought to you by" on the website and it will list your name or business if you'd like. You will also receive access to exclusive patreon content
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You get everything you'd get for donating a dollar plus receive a social media profile picture of yourself or anything of your choosing done in the style of the comic.
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You get everything from one and five dollar donations plus be included as an extra in the comic. Imagine it, YOU as a background character in a comic. ISN'T THAT WHAT YOU'VE ALWAYS DREAMED?




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The Journey Home is about a 12 year-old girl who doesn’t have a lot of confidence in herself and her dog, who’s the only friend she has. They find themselves somewhere they don’t really belong and the extraordinary odds they have to overcome in order to make it home.

On this journey, they encounter monsters and magic and a wizard who lives in magic bubble because he’s allergic to everything and all kinds of fun stuff.

Now that I’ve told you about the comic, let me tell you about how you can help.

With Patreon you help me out by pledging money each month that I create new content for the comic.

This will help me pay some bills, upgrade my software/equipment… who knows maybe I’ll afford a cat but most importantly allow me to spend more time creating for you and less time wasting my life doing something I’m not passionate about.
Below are different levels that you can pledge and with each level you get something out of it too. Bonus content, patreon exclusives, personal images. All kinds of stuff! It’s kinda like Kickstarter but an on going Kickstarter and cooler.

The comic will be put up on it’s own website for free for anyone but without pledging you won’t get all the neat stuff that comes along with it.

I hope you take a look at all the pledge options and find one that best fits you. Whatever little bit will help.

Thanks so much you guys!
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Everyone tells us that Manga Studio is so much better. Well, with 50 bucks we can find out for ourselves
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