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About The Kota

WELCOME & HELLO to my Fans, Friends, and Family.. and to all you Fabulously Fine Folks out there who may well soon to be any or all of the above!

As you may or may not know - I make fun food Videos! On YouTube. 

And, they're pretty cool... if I do say so myself. (At least, that's what my girlfriend tells me, so who can argue with that?)

Not only are they pretty cool, they're getting better as I - well, WE, really, since I work with a few other awesome folks - get better at making them!

Now these videos are not free to make and funds are not always easy to find. Especially for a college student. So I am announcing that

Drum Roll, please....

I'm Reaching Out for Help. Now. Today, even!

Please Help support this work! Seriously! You're My Only Hope (tm)!!

OK, so if you're on board - and I really hope you are - my Patreon account is already set up, and I've just loaded it with a bunch of New Cool Rewards (not tm).

That's right! New Cool Rewards for YOU!

As a poor-but-extremely-motivated college student, I scrape enough money together each week for gas to get to school and back. BUT, making Awesome Videos (again, not really tm) costs money and needs decent equipment.

So, in the Spirit of the Holidays and enabling me to keep creating new entertaining offerings for You, my Awesome Audience - please consider donating to my Patreon.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my channel and supporting my work!!

Donate today!

P.S. - Since you are all the way down here anyway, let me say again, THANK YOU for being you and for reading this far!

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Simple starts and all that. We need to fund these recipes and the equipment needed to keep going. 
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