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Heya, welcome to my Discord server!  You're invited to join in on conversations about pretty much anything with myself and anyone else who happens to join in.  I also sometimes post about other projects I'm working on here, including stories I'm writing, art I'm working on, and anything else I happen to take up.

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Hello peoples of the interwebs!  I'm TheL00natic, and I want to provide you with an entertaining dose of insanity!

I primarily record gaming videos and vlogs, aiming for family friendly content that's weird and enjoyable.  Because I work a full time job and have general things expected of me in life, this is only a hobby for me right now.  And as it's only a hobby there are many things that stand between me and putting out more content: I don't have the money to invest in better equipment, I have to work a full time job, other things in life take precedence, etc.

And that's where you come in...  If you enjoy what I do, if you want more of it, if you want it to be better quality... then you can become a part of making it happen.  With your support and encouragement, not only will I be more excited to provide you with more quality entertainment, I might even be able to...

• Upgrade my equipment to better suit my needs.
• Spend more time working on my creative hobbies.
• Purchase materials to branch off into other areas of creativity.
• Increase the content I put out.
• Maybe one day even make this my proper job.

So if you like my style of crazy and want to keep it coming, drop a few encouraging words in my path.  And if you have a few extra dollars and want to help me out, feel free to toss them my way.  I promise your investment will not go to waste!
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Surprisingly, running a Minecraft community isn't particularly cheap.  Receiving $100/month would remove the burden of paying for the SMPDX survival server and the CMPDX creative server out of pocket, removing some of the stress and difficulty in keeping things going.
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